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Acolyte Ministry

Acolyte is a Greek term that means companion, attendant, or helper. Being an acolyte is a very important job in the church because you will be helping everybody else in the church to worship God. You are also a helper to the pastor as the acolyte assists with starting and closing the worship service.

Once the acolytes bring in the light and Bible to the alter, this signals the congregation that preparations have begun for the worship service to begin. It also has another very important symbol as it also signifies the light and God's word being brought into the place of worship. At the end of service, acolytes take out the light, also as a symbol to take the light and God's word with you as you leave His place of worship.

You and other leaders, who take part in the church service, are like members of a team and your teamwork will help all those in the congregation to worship God. If you are in the 2nd-5th grade and are interested in being an acolyte, please see an usher at the back of the sanctuary.

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